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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Caribbean Cruise Part 1

This February we got to go on a western caribbean cruise with some of my extended family and it was a BLAST!!! So glad we got to go with family! It made it so much more fun!
We left bright and early saturday morning! We all look so happy to go!
Some of us ate breakfast
Dustin and Annie look side awake and ready to go. Can't say the same about me.

We flew from SLC to Houston TX. We took cabs to Galveston Island where we stayed the night.
My mom and her two sisters that came with
We walked around the beach, went to Murdocks - a building i saw ripped to shreds a few years earlier the last time i was in galveston for hurricane clean-up, and we walked to CVS for some last minute supplies. The next day we got the tags on our suitcases and killed some time waiting for the taxis to the dock by walking around the beach. Brian had an extra tag and wanted to make sure everyone, including me, knew who I belonged to

So i put a tag on him as well, thinking i was being super clever. It was a good plan until i realized I put one of his tags on him instead of mine...it was a good attempt.

Brian climbed down to 'touch the gulf of Mexico'. ew. I was sure he was going to fall in. This is him having a 5 year old moment, and me having a 'my mother' moment.We boarded our ship and took some more pictures
Here we are leaving -

We have pictures of my dad doing this exact pose from every vacation we've ever taken
Courtney and Annie kissing the Bingo Seal

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