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Friday, December 2, 2011


Things have been crazy!
We flew out to Arizona to help Holly move to Orem (to an apartment found by yours truly I might add! you're welcome!) The night before we had our own little pre-adventure when I forced my mom and Brian to apply a demi-color to my hair, because I was not about to walk into Tiffany & Co in Scottsdale with unblended roots. They were troopers and did a pretty good job! We flew out bright and early the next morning. I hate flying. I really really hate flying. And that body scanner that I always have to go through.
Anyway, we landed and went to go pick up our rental car which was definitely a Lincoln Town Car - Mafia Edition. The thing was black and black leather, had a glove compartment that could easily accomodate your tommy gun, and a roomy truck that could fit 5-6 bodies comfortably. We were pretty embarrassed to drive off in it. After some light packing and planning we all piled into the Godfather-mobile and drove out to Sedona to see the beautiful scenery and have old gypsy women read our futures.
We decided to pass on the gypsies and take some weird-angled pictures next to the garbage can by the public bathrooms...we were really tiredI really don't remember why or how we took this picture. I'm just surprised my dad didn't make it any of the other 5 shots I have of this exact pose.
The next day the guys went golfing at some ritzy place they were definitely not dressed for and we headed off to Scottsdale to shop and pick up cupcakes from Sprinkles for later. (yummy!!!) I'd like to take this opportunity to start a petition to bring Charming Charlies to Utah.
We should all write letters to get this accessory shop here as soon as possible.
After meeting back up at Holly's apartment for a cupcake break and some light packing, we went out for even MORE shopping. Poor Brian thought he had gotten out of it, but no. He at least got rewarded by going to Lucille's for some tasty BBQ after. Sooooooo good!!!
The next day was moving day. The moving truck got picked up, the boxes got loaded, and we were on our way by early afternoon. Brian and I were the lucky drivers of the Budget and took advantage of our chance to be truckers!
Ok, so 44 oz cokes and junk food was as trucker as we got, but we had planned on hats, sunflower seeds, and walkie-talkies. We drove to Vegas that night and Holly got her first taste of sin city. Pretty much all that happened was that I got us lost in Ceasar's Palace and we ate at the Cheesecake Factory. Whoo-whooo!
The next day we drove to Orem and unpacked the truck, then Brian and I headed off to Riverton for our first 'slow move-in' weekend. We couldn't move from Provo until the last week of October, so we decided to spend weekends at the house trying to get things semi-ready for us to move in. We are living in the basement while finishing it, which is its own little adventure. In the 2-ish months we have been working on it we have finished the outside entrance, framing, wiring/plumbing, insulation, and as of tonight I officially have drywall on the ceilings and 2 large walls. I talk about all that like I actually had some part in it. I didn't.
Our goal (which I was reminded of by Brian's falsetto rendition of "If you like Pina Coladas" from the chair behind me) is to be finished with the basement by our cruise in February, so we are double excited for that vacation!
Speaking of Brian, while I was packing I took the opportunity to go through all of Brian's boxes that have been packed since before we got married. The contents of one box were pretty interesting -
a LARGE flashlight with dead batteries



Equipment for 5 different sports(not pictured - one sad looking mostly deflated volleyball)

one sock

construction books

dryer sheets

an unopened disposable camera

full camo

a hand-crank flashlight

a plaster replica of his upper jaw (who keeps these things?!!)

one 2002 olympic sockstrange, since Brian was in Brasil during the olympics

2 functional calculators and 1 nonfunctional

a knife, 2 sets of keys, a wrench set, tape, and, of course, Mardi Gras beads

hand warmers

wooden pen in wooden box

floss, naturally

A sticker from the 2007 playoffs

and, last but certainly not least, a single use drug test
when asked about this, Brian claimed he was saving it to test me

I don't know why these items were all kept in the same box or what he could possibly be saving them for. Living in the woods to escape arrest? World-wide epidemic? Breakdown of civilization as we know it?? Zombie Apocolypse???

I don't know, and I choose not to think about it anymore - especially that drug test.
Whatever it is, he's prepared.



Okay Heather....that was by far the FUNNIEST blog post I have ever read! You crack me up! I'm glad you guys had a fun safe trip! Love you and miss you lots!!

John & Nancy Wellington Family

I agree about that being funny - I am still laughing at the contents of Brian's box. Says a lot about him - lol. :)

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