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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

chugging along

I am awesome at posting. Maybe if there were something exciting to post about I'd be better.

So pretty much we're just slowly making our way through our time here in Provo. Its an exciting life. I asked Brian if there was anything exciting that happened that we should post about and after a lot of thought he told me that nothing exciting or good ever happens to us. Little melodramatic there Bri, but true.
Its been life as usual around here, Brian has been working, I've been going to school. I've been trying to rack up as many hours as possible so I can graduate by the end of August. This means I've had to help out with a couple of Design Team events, exhausting but so much fun! Two weeks ago I got to go to the South Towne Expo for Women's Night...Pampering...whatever they called it. We were there doing hair, make up, and nails. Needless to say we met a lot of characters, one of which being Mary from TLC's 'Sister Wives'. She came with her sisters and mother, and man alive they were a hoot! (also fun to spy walking around to different booths. so weird to see them out of their...natural environment?) They also had some amazing booths that we got to walk around in their spare time. My favorite was a place called M.Bellish'd. Google them. They have super cute watches, belts, and a hat that I NEED (and yes, the all caps was neccessary). All the booths had such good deals! I want to go again next year, and actually bring money to spend. They also had a zumba class that funny Judy, the teacher in charge of the design team, forced us all to participate in. Forced as in grabbed us all by the arm and dragged us over. Train wreck, let me tell you but soooo funny. They also had a pole dancer (WHAT?) that was demonstrating moves strictly for exercise and trying to sign people up for classes. Judy made us Zumba, so we made her pole dance. Oh that Judy...Somewhere there is an incriminating picture of all of us around a pole.
Last week i agreed to help out with a fashion show last minute put on by the Head Start Foundation. They have a yearly fundraiser to benefit the many awesome programs they have going that help children from low income families go to school. This was the first year they decided to include a fashion show in their fundraiser and it was a huge success! It was also a great experience for all of us!!! We got to work on professional models and some super cute kidos who got to represent Head Start. This year they were raising money for their new Magna facility, and we were able to help them raise over $20,000. Such a fun opportunity and an amazing cause. Loved it!

Besides that life has been pretty ordinary! We've just been working, schooling, and watching enough animal planet to make me terrified of at least 8 states and 12 different countries. Word of advice - do not watch 'Infested'. I can never live in Oregon now, Never. Arizona is also ruined for me. What is it about these shows that pulls me in? Who's the nerd that is super-geeked-out-excited for the 'Whale Wars' premiere coming up? That would be me. I love those crazy hippies! Also 'River Monsters'.
Well thats a lot about my embarrassing T.V. obsessions. Good talk everyone...and by everyone I mean mom. (Love ya Nanners!)


John & Nancy Wellington Family

Who is Nanners? and what is this person doing stalking your blog?


You are NEVER and I repeat NEVER EVER EVER EVER allowed to tell me about Arizona. I live in enough fear of what is lurking already... (and yes the caps was also necessary in this instance). Love ya chief :)

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