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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Caribbean Cruise part 5

Just realized I spelled 'cruise' wrong in the last 3 posts. I feel awesome.
The last couple days we were cruising back to Galveston. Not gonna lie, I got pretty moody and cabin feverish the last day on the ship. I'd cruise again, I'd just make sure I had plenty to do for consecutive at sea days!
The boys kept themselves busy with a 3-on-3 tournament

The second team they played had a guy on it they called 'old stockton'. He was wearing khakis and a cruise shirt. They didn't take him that seriously at first. He didn't appreciate being called old, so he let loose the wrath on them.
The guy running the tournament came up to Brian after playing against 'old stockton' and said
"Do you still have your wallet?"
"uh, no...but-"
"Cuz you just got robbed son!"
It was cute.
They came in 3rd! (out of 4) We were so proud! We came to watch after playing a round of mini-golf.
Picture taken while waiting for people to decide on which cruise pictures they wanted.
We all started getting pretty weird by this point. John was licking Annie's head, I was not approving of it, and Holly was shrinking rapidly

Then it took too long to get into the dining room and I got hungry and Holly was just right there...I have no explanation for this picture. I just know that no alcohol was involved, which I think makes it a little more confusing since there's not an excuse for it

Like I said, we were all losing it
Then we went ice skating! My favorite part of this picture is the girl who turfed it in the right hand corner. Shes got her cheek to the ice and everything
and by 'went' i mean most of us sat and laughed at the people trying to skate
Brian is pretty pro though
Our last dinner on the ship - Holly showed us her napkin/towel folding skills. It's a bird :)
Our waiter, in a last ditch attempt to be the favorite did a pull-the-paper-out-of-the-wine-bottles thing. I was his assistant. It gave me some anxiety.

I was not happy about Brian's shirt choice.
Then he leaned back and sipped his water like he owned the place in his ugly cruise shirt
and i had to hide my face in shame
Our table and our waiters. They told us to do the peace sign, except our palms couldn't be facing out because that apparently means something bad in his country. I was not listening to instructions
This is us leaving the port :( back in the cold and sad the vacation is over

Back at the Houston airport - we had a while to wait and we used to catch up with all the facebook/texts/calls/life we had missed while our phones were off
Others of us chose to cover our heads and stretch out on the dirty airport floor
Grant and Sandra got to skype with my their daughter and see her cute new twins that were born while we were gone.
So there it is! 5 mostly picture posts about our super fun vacation! We want to go again really soon!!!
Special thanks to Jenny/Lloyd for keeping me company on chat while I posted. It wouldn't have been possible without you. Also thank you for the awesome certificate of achievement which helped convince Brian that I hadn't wasted an entire day doing this. You are the wind beneath my wings ;)


John & Nancy Wellington Family

So happy you blogged about your trip! It looks like you went with some really fun people. :) LOVE YOU!


I am glad that I am the wind beneath your wings...I also very much enjoy the pic of brian in his hawaiian shirt. I am pretty sure that is a fast forward type of picture...in 20 years that is exactly what he will look like (every day). You lucky woman. :) You also were the wind beneath my wings that day. I was sure that I wouldn't make it through the day and that I would die sitting (ergonomically of course) in my chair for 10.5 hours. You saved me and my future postarity thank you.

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