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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Caribbean Cuise Part 3 - Grand Cayman

Our next port was beautiful, wonderful, sunny with a slight breeze Grand Cayman. I would live here. In a tent. On the beach. 100% serious. We took a catamaran out to a sand bar to swim with sting rays, then went snorkeling, and ended up on 7 mile beach (where i would live)

We took some pictures while we waited to go ashore. ( i feel like a pirate saying that)

The water was beautiful and warm
After we dodged overeager pirates posing for pictures we made our way to a fun candy shop.
Holly found a pre-packaged pan sized rice krispies treat, for the lazy man in all of us who's unwilling to melt some marshmellows and butter.
Waiting for our tour to start
My mom made a friend while waiting.
Some decided to buy ridiculously good/expensive ice cream. We were too cheap, so I stole a taste from Holly
Once we made it out to our boat, they gave us flippers to snorkel with

Then we started out for the sand bar. Best seats on the boat! though brian claims he kept getting splashed by water...never splashed me so...Once we dropped anchor sting rays began migrating to our boat. This picture makes them look small. They are not small. They are massive, slimy, and red-eyed.

So we each got our turn to hold the sting ray, kiss the sting ray, and get a 'back rub' from the sting ray. I was holding it together pretty well

Until the thing started rubbing my back, then this face happened. The cute camera girl kept saying "ok, now your pretty smile sweetie" Clearly this woman has never experienced a back rub from a sting ray. It is not something I could just smile through.Holly did a lot better with the ray than I did
This sting ray got a lot of action...later on the guy in this picture licked the sting ray. LICKED IT. gross.
They told us to gather round for a picture. What was I looking at?

oh right, these 3 creepers taking pictures and laughing at us from the boat because they didn't want to get wet.
And thats why this happened after we all got on the boat. My poor mom has never been able to sit anywhere near a pool or body of water without getting a wet butt on her lap. Thats what you get for never getting in!
Mostly i was preoccupied with watching the tail. I did not want to get skewered

Us doing the 'sting ray shuffle' back to the boat. They told us not to pick our feet up so we wouldn't step on a ray and get attacked by a barb
Then we took a short ride over to the reef where we snorkeled!
Holly was really good at it

I snorkeled for exactly 3 minutes before getting back in the boat. I never really mastered the breathing thing.

Brian and Annie

Then half of us went to 7 mile beach to relax a bit before we had to head back to the boat. It was heaven

Holly took this picture, then got some unwanted attention from a local.Later that night we played more games

Grant and Dustin figured out how to play dominion while brian, holly, and john sat there trying to be helpful. They ended up playing this game the rest of the trip.


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