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Monday, May 24, 2010

I think I'm stressed...

For about a week and a half now Monday-Friday nights I've been waking Brian up by talking to him in my sleep. The first time I just asked him to help me find something, which he laughed about and then fell back asleep. Lately my sleep talking has been escalating. Last night I grabbed his wrist as he was turning over, forced him to sit up, and muttered something unintelligible. He asked if I couldn't sleep and I said sadly "That's about the only thing I can do"

Poor Brian.


John & Nancy Wellington Family

Too funny! Poor Brian - can't get any sleep - poor Heather - too stressed to sleep peacefully. At least you are not sleep walking - yet.


HAHA oh heather your good at more than just sleeping! thats hilarious!

Brian and Heather

UPDATE: Last night as I was falling asleep I told Brian I needed to get a cash advance to the geishas so they could save the panda bears.

Brian told me today that I am officially crazy.

I need a vacation badly. Any ideas?


You should come with us!!!

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