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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Once there was a bathroom...

And that bathroom just happened to be hideous. Take a step inside.

It wasn't just the dirty linoleum or the bulky shower door that was installed backwards. No, the pink counter top, the goopy caulking around the shower, and floral blue wallpaper also contributed to our unfortunate master bath.

And yes, that is a powder blue toilet seat. Thanks for noticing.

Despite its obvious problems the space isn't bad. It isn't huge, but it has a good sized shower and and room for a bigger vanity. All in all, I didn't mind it when I was forced to use it. After a while I learned to ignore the gobs of caulk that attempted to clog my shower drain, the "girl tiles" (Brian's special title for the rose-and-ribbon accent tiles), the baby pink counter that oddly extended over the toilet, even the backwards shower door that would often slide off its track and trap me in. I got used to everything except that powder blue toilet seat.

Just when I got comfortable this happened -

and i couldn't be happier about it.

Demo happened a while ago, here's where we're at now -

We're kind of at that phase where we really just want easy remodeling solutions because there is so much to do. We decided on slate for two reasons - a. We love how interesting and different every tile is and b. We suffered a momentary lapse of brain function.
Has anyone ever tried to lay slate? It makes my perfectionist brain seize uncontrollably. Yes, every beautiful tile is beautifully different in color and pattern. Every beautiful tile is also slightly different in size and thickness making it that much harder to maintain a smooth surface and a consistent grout line, something that Brian needs in his life to achieve inner peace. I also discovered the tiles are a little tricky to cut since they break apart easily in the saw if you push them through too fast. Brian decided he needed something to distract him from his obsessive tile adjusting and made me use the tile saw. I don't think he actually wanted to teach me how to use the tile saw for any useful purpose. I think he just really needed to laugh and I'm an easy target. The tile saw involves several things that Brian knows make me nervous - loud noises (I'm jumpy), large rotating blades, and projectiles, or in this case the possibility of projectiles. Little did he know, I'm an impatient speed demon. By some miracle the piece I cut, which I remember cutting at an agonizingly slow pace, didn't disintegrate and was usable. For the safety of the limited amount of tile we purchased, I have not been invited back to the tile saw.



It looks so nice! I hate...no wait...double hate using a tile saw...I would much rather use any other kind of saw in the world (Including a band saw of death) than a stinking tile saw. It is looking good though!

John & Nancy Wellington Family

I am impressed with how much is done since we last saw it. It is looking really good. I am impressed that you even attempted to use the tile saw. When you two are through with your bathroom you can remodel our basement bathroom. :)


once there was a bathroom bathroom bathroom
once there was a bathroom

tall tall tall!

in the sun it melted melted melted
in the sun it melted

small small small!

Kelly Stoddart

hey cute blog! Can't wait to see the finish project good luck with it. Although I think that you should keep the baby blue toilet seat it's pretty awesome!

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