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Sunday, April 11, 2010

life so far

We got married

Then we went on a cruise to Cabo. Our cruise started off great, then we hit ridiculous weather that made our entire ship sea sick for 2 1/2 of our 4 day cruise. We also had a mild outbreak of food poisoning so if the 25 foot swells didn't get ya, the food did. I think Brian was the only person on our boat who wasn't throwing up or on Dramamine. Once we got down around Cabo the weather was amazing. We went on a mini jeep
rhino excursion that took us through the desert and to a beach away from the tourists. We had a lot of fun!
This was supposed to keep the dust out of our faces. It didn't work. Now we're just left with memories of tying used, sweaty bandannas around our faces.

10 points to anyone who can name this towel creation. It just looks like a giant folded napkin from the mandarin to me.

Then we came home and had to unpack/finish ripped out bathrooms/rip out other bathrooms and deal with our inherited dog. It was a lot of work that we are still working on 3 months out.

Brian loves his life. Chance does not.

and as if the large blue cone of shame wasn't enough to cement in this dog's brain that I am not to be trusted, I recently tied him to the door for 2 hours while I cut the extensive matting out of his hair. That sealed the deal. He hasn't willingly come within 5 feet of me since.


John & Nancy Wellington Family

Love the post. So glad you took my hint to update, but you updated everything including your name. It's kind of strange to see the name change, but exciting at the same time. My little girl is all growed up!


Oh Chance...Just so you know you are now on my stalking list...I am not creepy I swear.

Brian, Laurel & Addison

It's about stinkin' time. Now stay current on your blogs or I'll have to come stalk you in person. That may get awkward/creepy.

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