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Thursday, July 15, 2010


from tomorrow anyway, but still!

To help y'all get in the Brian and Heather celebrating mood - Brian and Heather Trivia and Random Facts!

Brian first became friends with me because he could not handle the fact that I could beat him at every game of speed, regular AND California. He NEEDED to beat me, so he kept coming over to do so.

I first became friends with Brian because, after watching Bruce Almighty with that one guy from apt 33 who refused to talk, laugh, or smile during the movie, Guitar Hero sounded really fun.

Brian told me he "maybe kinda" liked me and that I "grew on him" over Google chat.

Brian first told me he "maybe kinda" loved me in Benton City WA. I guess he needed a way out if I didn't return the sentiment.

I knew Brian loved me when he took me to the Nickelcade...TWICE!

I beat Brian at the basketball arcade game really bad so he had to play me, and not just until he had won once, but until he had won his manhood back three times.

I can't handle surprises, so I bullied Brian into telling me when we were going to get engaged. After picking out the ring and getting a reservation at The Roof, I was confident that this thing was actually going to happen so I did the most shameful thing a single unengaged girl can do. I went wedding dress shopping 2 days before our getting engaged date. It was my mom's fault. She bullied me into it. So of course we find my dress and of course it is on sale, and of course it was perfect because it needed minimal alterations....so the day of our date I bought it. I bought my wedding dress before I was actually engaged. I'm a dork. I didn't think anything could possibly go wrong.

The day we got engaged (also the day I purchased my wedding dress), Brian tricked me into thinking that my ring had issues and that it would be stupid to get engaged without a ring, so we wouldn't be getting engaged that night. I cried. I cried because I was the dork and had bought her wedding dress 6 hours earlier and now I wasn't getting engaged. I cried/hyperventilated for a good half hour. Words cannot describe the relief I felt when I got my ring later that night.

Brian did not ask my father for permission to marry me. He was going to call my dad before coming to pick me up for our date the night we got engaged, but forgot because his friend got in an accident in Farmington that afternoon and he had to go pick him up off the side of the freeway. Naturally, my mother views this as an acceptable excuse.

My mom made Brian pick me up and drive me to the temple the day we got married. She was afraid he wasn't going to show.

Brian didn't want a wedding ring because he would just lose it, but i bought one for him anyway. He proved his point 3 weeks later.

It is commonplace in our house for one of us to randomly roll off of the couch and onto the floor. Not for any real purpose, just because that person is bored and needs a change of scenery.

We still refuse to hang pictures on our walls because we just painted

We refuse to buy any new furniture because we plan on moving. Its a weak excuse. Really we just don't feel like dropping a couple hundred on an entertainment center. Our plastic yard chair works nicely.

We like to put each other in situations that make the other uncomfortable. For example: I drag Brian into shoe stores and Brian manipulates me into using power tools.

We teach the 4-5 yr. olds in Primary. Our class consists of one girl who likes me because I fix her hair when she messes it up and she likes Brian because he tells her she's silly. She also likes to tell me I'm old. I like to point out that Brian is ancient compared to me, but she never teases Brian about being old. We have one other boy who comes a couple times every 3 months or so, but he doesn't like us because we don't bring graham crackers. Every Sunday after church Brian says "See? Thats why I don't want kids!" right as we are getting out of the car and walking up to our door. It's like clockwork.

And now you know more about us! So the next time someone asks you about us, you can say "oh yeah Brian? He's making Heather remodel the house. And Heather? She's crazy! Did you know she actually bought her wedding dress BEFORE she was engaged?! Who does that??!!!"

Luckily being crazy works for us.

6 Months down!

And it only gets weirder from here.


John & Nancy Wellington Family

Congrats on your 6 month anniversary! Who'd of thunk that 6 months later we would wish for some of the cooler weather of your wedding day. Ok - not that cold. Glad you two are CRAZY - for each other that is!!!! Oh and I did NOT bully her into buying her dress. She wanted her sister and Sarah to look with her and Sarah was in town then. WE WERE JUST LOOKING (we couldn't help that she found her dress and it was on sale and one of a kind and discontinued from that store and it was the only one left)


Bruce Almighty...that is still one of the most awkward moments of my life...I forgot about it. (Probably on purpose) There are so many other things I could add to that list (creepy) but I will refrain :) I think you guys should make another trip up to Benton City WA sometime. It would be fun...we could hang out. play some guitar hero, eat some nasty cheese and you guys could get lost, but a gps, go to seattle and be bored. Just like old times :)

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